Who is Kathy Everette and why should you choose her to be your attorney?

Kathy was born and raised in Wilson County. She graduated from Mt. Juliet High School then went on to graduate with honors from David Lipscomb University. She earned her law degree from the Nashville School of Law and she's been practicing in Middle Tennessee ever since.

She understands the personal, legal and financial ramifications of a divorce. She will always try to help you find the best and easiest solution for your family.........but if that doesn't work, she will fight with everything she is to win your case. Most importantly, Kathy Everette is a home town girl that's easy to talk to, and that's invaluable when you're going through one of the toughest periods in your life. 

You deserve an attorney that cares about you and your case.........Kathy Everette is that attorney.

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Divorce changes everything, but it can be for the better.

Let us help you navigate through this.

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